• Image of RELATIONSHIP dad cap

Handpainted with GOLDEN heavybody acrylic paint.
Each design is custom and tells a different story, each hat will be totally different.

Its a part of an ongoing series as my own relationships & connections are continually growing and changing.

It's a story of the journey of relationships. We are in them, we see them, we end them, we begin them; they shape us, they mold us, they make us & they are us. Everyone's journey is different, yet, we are all looking for the same thing in our involvements which is to be FULFILLED. On our journeys we find love, we face disappointments, we meet people with both good & ill intentions, and if we are lucky enough, we meet kindred souls whom we hold dear to our hearts forever. Our relationships are our own mirrors that are held up to us by the universe. They are the compartments within us that we need to either fix & or to embrace. They have the power to inspire us to be our best selves, to learn exactly who we are. They have the ability to shatter us in an attempt to remind us that in dealing with others, whether positively or negatively, short or long in time or depth, that we ultimately need our divine connections & lessons from others to become our highest selves

Please allow up to 10 business days for hat to ship as each hat is custom, hand painted, and made to order.